Base Coat Benefits To Polished Nails – See Why It’s Really Important

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Heads up!, To keep your DIY medicure (or any type of medicure) lasting longer for days, then you definitely need a base coat. It’s really a pity, many people omit base coat prior to polishing their nails which may leave your medicure looking terrible.


Infact the crucial step to a chip-free mani is a base coat.
Base coat benefits your manicure by filling ridges, makes polish stick to your nails more easily and give your polished nails a smooth-looking appearance. Not to meantion its protective benefits as it creates a barrier that helps protect your nails from the damaging effects of nail polish and prevents staining and peeling.

To break it down, below are base coat benefits to your polished nails.

Benefits Of Coating Your Nails With A Base Coat.

1. Base Coat Helps Smooth Nail Surface.

Just like your foundation will appear more smooth when you apply a moisturizer first, same thing applies to your polished nails when a base coat is involved. Base coat smoothens the nails, fills ridges and help to create an even surface for the nail polish to be applied — leaving your polished nails with a smooth finish. Think about it: You wouldn’t paint a wall without priming or apply a foundation without applying a moisturizer first. Right?. Base coat ensures a smooth-looking and chip-free mani you wouldn’t want to skip this crucial step.

2. It Protects Your Nails From Discoloration.

If you’re a fan of applying nail polish directly to your nails, i suggest it’s high time you stop, because overtime your nails will definitely get discolored or pigmented. Coating your nails with a base coat first prior to polishing is highly recommended as it does not only promotes an even-smooth finish but also protects your nails plates from discoloration and yellowing.

Base coat acts as a barrier between your nails plates and polish which helps protect your nails from the damaging effects of nail polish, prevents staining and peeling. Therefore, applying a base coat to the nails first will definitely prevent damages.

3. Makes Your Manicure Last Longer.

Hey, here’s a secret. If you really want your manicure to last longer — then a base coat is a must. Base coat is the bond between the nail plate and the polish. It makes the polish stick to your nails easily with resilience attachment which can make your polish last for days despite harsh weather conditions or being exposed to tough activities.

4. Some Base Coats Strengthens The Nails.

Some base coat formulas are infused with host of nail strengthening proteins and collagen-rich ingredients such as protein peptides, hyaluronic, coconut oil, argan oil,vitamin E oil, tea tree oil, and castor oil to boost keratin production, restores nail flexibility, strengthen and thicken weak nails.

In Conclusion.

Having read base coat benefits to your nails and mani, then you should know it’s worthwhile and a crucial step that shouldn’t be skipped. Sometimes we may be tempted to neglect this prime-step due to being in a hurry or thinking it’s completely unnecessary. But a base coat is the key to a perfect manicure — so, the gain worths the effort.

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