Dermaroller 101: What Are Dermaroller Benefits? & Why Should You Use It?

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It’s no doubt that dermarollers are one of the best beauty tools in the industry, being used by so many individuals, including celebrities too, because using this tool is a quick, inexpensive and easy way to rejuvenate and restore the skin. Dermaroller benefits the skin in so many ways and what are these benefits?. That’s what this article is all about. Keep reading to know more about dermaroller.

What’s a Dermaroller?

Dermaroller benefits


Dermaroller is a hand-held tool, with a roller head, covered with hundreds of individual micro titanium needles. These needles punctures the skin thereby creating tiny channels which forces the skin to produce collagen.

How Does The Skin Benefits From Dermarolling Treatment?

Dermaroller benefits

Dermaroller Helps Reduce Skin Aging Signs.

Dermaroller benefits

As we age, the skin ages too. Skin aging signs such as wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, puffy eyes, and saggy skin starts to appear. Ofcourse this is a natural phenomenon. But with some applicable measures, skin aging signs can definitely be reduced and delayed and you know what? Microneedling treatment using a dermaroller will definitely get the job done.

How’s this possible? The skin’s elasticity is structured with collagen and elastin. As the skin ages, it reduces its production of collagen, elastin and natural oils, making the skin more fragile and appear more wrinkled.

Also, the exposure to sunlight triggers aging skin over time. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light damages certain fibers in the skin (elastin). The breakdown of elastin fibers causes the skin to sag, stretch, and lose its ability to restore back after stretching. That’s why it’s recommended to apply sunscreen before stepping outside.

Dermaroller benefits

Dermarolling treatment creates thousands of channels (micro holes) on the skin which triggers your body’s own healing process by stimulating levels of elastin and collagen, which work together to repair and restore damaged skin. When the collagen production is stimulated, the skin regains its elasticity, and firmness which significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles fine lines and saggy skin. Click here to learn more.

Dermaroller Helps Boost Hyperpigmentation Treatment.

Dermaroller benefits

Hyperpigmentation occurs when the skin produces more melanin than usual, either due to sun exposure, acne scars and other factors that can trigger its appearance.
Undergoing microneedling treatment using a dermaroller helps boost hyperpigmentation treatment by normalizing the pigment cells (melanocytes), breaks down any scar tissue causing the body to produce new collagen and encourages topical skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin.
Click here to learn more.

Dermaroller Helps Reduce Stretch Marks Appearance.

Dermaroller benefits

Stretch marks also known as striae is a tear that occur in the deep dermal layer of the skin. This occurs when the skin rapidly changes shape due to rapid growth in the body. Rapid growth such as pregnancy, rapid weight gain, increased muscle mass, or growth spurt (due to puberty). And due to the skin is been extended beyond its elastic capacity, streaks, stripes, or lines develop on the skin.

When the skin undergoes dermarolling treatments, this hand-held tool punctures the skin and breaks down collagen bundles which stimulates the repair process by immediately forcing the skin to boost the production of more collagen which fills in the broken dermal layer. As the dermal layer expands, the color fades because the skin thickens and expands. This definitely reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

Dermaroller also creates thousands of micro channels on the skin which encourages a quick and deeper absorption of other topical skincare products which helps reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Click here to read more.

Dermaroller Helps Boost Hair Growth.

Dermaroller benefits

Like it’s always stated, a dermaroller is used to stimulate collagen production in the skin. Therefore, carrying out microneedling treatment on the scalp can also increase cell production and increase blood circulation around the scalp, which in turn helps with new hair growth. Also, it in turn creates thousands of channels on the scalp which encourages topical hair care products, like oils and serums to penetrate deeper and reach the hair follicles.

Does Dermaroller Comes in Different Needle Sizes?

Yes. Dermarollers comes in different needle sizes and they are:

0.2 – 0.3mm: size skin needles are the smallest of derma roller microneedles. These sizes are basically used for enhancing the absorption rate of skincare products into the skin. It does not stimulate the growth of collagen, but it does thicken the epidermis making it easier for the skin to respond positively to various skincare products. This needle size can be used everyday or every-other-day.

0.5 – 0.1mm: These dermaroller needle sizes are used to treat little-dept wrinkles, stretch marks, UV damage, light scarring, and hyperpigmentation. They help stimulate collagen production, and also helps in the boosting of product absorption for quicker and more efficient results. These sizes can be utilized weekly or twice a week.

1.5 – 2.0mm: These are the medium size dermaroller needle. They aren’t meant to be used on the face. They are used for the treatment of skin ailments on the body, example: back of the hands, abdomen, thighs, arms, and the upper chest area, including the neck, cleavage and shoulder.
This needle sizes are best used for the treatment of deep but not-so-severe scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

3.0mm: This is the longest derma roller needle size. This needle size are only used by professionals, mostly used for office treatments. This needle size is used on hardened regions such as thighs, feet, arms, lower and upper back, butts, and the back of the hands. And not to be on the face.

3.0mm derma roller needle size is used on severe burn scars and stretch marks. Recovery process is between 7-10 days. If this treatment has been undergone, another derma roller treatment cannot be repeated until after two months when the patient has fully recovered.

How Can I Properly Use A Dermaroller At Home?

Dermaroller benefits the skin by inducing collagen production and enhancing a deeper penetration of topical skincare products. However, when used incorrectly can cause skin irritation and leave marks that can last for a while. Therefore, we’ll give you steps on how to properly carry out a dermarolling treatment at home without any occurrence of casualties.

  • Step 1: Disinfect your derma roller for 3-5 minutes by letting it soak in isopropyl alcohol.
  • Step 2: Cleanse the affected part you wish to use this treatment on, using a gentle cleanser.
  • Step 3: Apply a numbing cream, this will help ease the pain by adding a layer between your skin and the needles.
  • Step 4: Begin the derma rolling process by rolling your derma roller over your face or body, focusing more on the affected skin area with wrinkles, age spots, fine lines and stretch marks.
    Pull the skin taut with your free hand, while you roll forwards and backwards over the area to be treated.
  • Step 5: Roll 8-10 times in each direction: vertically, horizontally and diagonally (forwards and back equals two rolls). Apply a bit of pressure to allow the needles to penetrate the skin to their full length. Lift the derma roller slightly after each roll – this will ensure that the needles create new micro-channels in the skin rather than going over the same ones repeatedly.
  • Step 6: Wash the treated area with water or a gentle cleanser and dry with a clean towel or allow it to air-dry. Then apply Hyaluronic acid serum to seal up moisture, calm reddness and keep the area hydrated.

If you have no prior knowledge of using a dermaroller, or you think you can’t carry out these steps, you can as well get this treatment done by a dermatologist or a professional.

Pros & Cons Of Dermarolling Treatment


Sometimes Results Shows Quickly.

As a collagen stimulator, sometimes you get to see an instant skin plumping result after dermarolling treatment. But results varies, depending on skin type and severity of skin issue being treated. Results can be seen after 6 weeks, this is the time needed for collagen to mature.

It Doesn’t take much time.

Normally the overall dermarolling sessions takes about 15 – 30 minutes to complete.

It’s Painless.

Actually the term “Micro needling” may sound scary and seems to be painful, but the truth is, microneedling treatment using a dermaroller isn’t painful unless, you’re using a needle size of 3.0mm. This needle size is used on hardened regions such as thighs, feet, arms, lower and upper back, butts, and the back of the hands. And not to be on the face

This needle size is longer and will slightly cause pain and a little tingling sensation during treatment on the skin (which is normal). These needle size aren’t meant to be used at home, it’s only recommended to be carried out in the office by a dermatologist or a professional.

Fast Recovery Time.

After microneedling treatment, it takes 2 to 5 days for the skin to fully recover, unlike chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser treatment which takes 2 to 8 weeks for full recovery.

Little Side Effects.

Microneedling treatment comes with side effects, but they are minimal. Side effects such as slight skin redness and sensitivity which disappears after 2 to 5 days of treatment.


Infection Is Possible

Dermarollers are only meant for individual use. Sharing a dermaroller isn’t recommended and can cause infection.
We strongly advise you should sanitize your dermaroller by letting it soak in isopropyl alcohol for 3 to 5 minutes before and after treatment.

If Not Done Properly, It Can Cause irritations.

If a dermaroller isn’t properly utilized, then skin irritations can possibly set in. Doing too much or too frequently can cause bleeding, redness and swelling.

It Can Flare Up Acne Breakouts.

Using a dermaroller on an active acne will definitely increase more acne break outs and make it more worse. This is due to spread of acne causing bacteria over other areas of the skin.

Possible Questions and Answers.

Q: How much does microneedling cost?

A: Depending on the location and practitioner, professional microneedling by a dermatologist or aesthetician can cost anywhere between $100 to upward of $500+ per treatment, with a series of four to six treatments often required to see results, the number of which can vary based on skin issue and condition.

Q: Can i use sunscreen after using a dermaroller?

A: Caution: You shouldn’t use sunscreen, make-up or tanning lotion “immediately” after derma roller treatment. This is because derma rolling creates thousands of channels into the skin deeper layer, these products are not suitable for deep skin penetration as they contain irritating ingredients which can trigger inflammations, and other side effects.

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