5 Best Exfoliating and Lightening Soaps (Reviews)

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Have you been seeking for the best exfoliating and lightening Soaps to even out your skintone and as well exfoliate your skin by getting rid of impurities? Then congratulations, you’re definitely in the right place.


We have handpicked 5 best  exfoliating and lightening soap which lightens and Exfoliates the skin.

How Effective Are These Soaps?.

These soaps that are about to be meantioned in this article are 100% organic, they contain effective natural ingredients such as Kojic acid, Papaya extract etc which are responsible for exfoliating and lightening the skin.

What is Exfoliating?.

Exfoliating is the process of getting rid of the dead skin cells that dwells on the top layer of the skin, thereby cleansing the pores and getting rid of impurities blocking the skin pores.

Exfoliating the skin is really necessary because it gets rid of impurities blocking the skin pores thereby preparing the skin to properly absorb your skincare products.

Any skincare regime without exfoliating products is a total waste of time. You may likely not see results.

How Does These Skincare Exfoliating And Lightening Soaps Work?.

Exfoliating and Lightening soaps gets rid of dead skin cells and impurities blocking the skin pores and at the same time lightens the skin, thereby revealing healthier and brighter skin  tone underneath.

These soaps about to be meantioned in this article, contains high-quality ingredients very capable to exfoliate the top layer of dead skins, to remove impurities from the skin and to reveal the healthier and nice looking skin that’s been concealed all of this time.

Without much ado, let’s know the best exfoliating and lightening soaps.

1. Original Likas Papaya Skin Whitening Herbal Soap.


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Likas papaya skin whitening herbal Soap has made name for itself due to it’s effectiveness towards exfoliating and lightening the skin.

Likas Papaya Soap lightens and exfoliates the skin, it’s made from organic herbs. The main ingredient is papain extract, which comes from papaya and helps gets rid of dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin

Likas papaya soap is specially formulated to brighten the skin and fade the appearance of dark spots and freckles, gives the skin a youthful even appearance, brightens the skin complexion. keeps it smooth, young looking and acne-free.

Its organic herbal content is so gentle and does not inhibit the natural oil production activity of the skin therefore it keeps the skin young looking and your face free of aging lines. After use, it does not leave any greasy residue on the skin.

Likas Papaya soap, contains: ingredients: sodium palmate, sodium palm stearate, sodium kernalate, purified water, RBD coconut oil, papayaextract, vitamin C and CI 11920.


  • Exfoliates & Lightens the skin.
  • Gets rid of dark spots
  • Cleanses the skin
  • 100% natural.


  • None

2. Kojie San Skin Lightening & Exfoliating Soap.

Best Exfoliating and lightening soap

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If you’re seeking for a perfect soap for skin lightening and exfoliating, then kojie San skin lightening and exfoliating soap should be your choice. This wonderful product contains Kojic acid as one of it’s active ingredient.

Kojic acid is a naturally occurring, safe ingredient that is derived from several types of fungi or a byproduct from fermenting sake, soy sauce, rice wine or miso.

Kojic Acid has a long history of use in Japanese culture, and is one of the primary secrets of Japanese skincare tradition. The main mechanism of action of Kojic Acid is prevention of the formation of tyrosine in the skin, which produces melanin, which in turn causes dark spots, freckles and other skin damage which results in your skin looking younger, brighter and lighter.

Kojie San soap also exfoliates the skin, it deeps cleanses the skin pores, thereby getting rid of dead cells on the top layer of the skin, revealing the fresh healthy skin underneath.

Kojie San soap contains. Ingredients: Pure Kojic Acid, Sweet Orange, VCO, Glycerine, Vegetable Extracts, and Vitamin C. Kojie San lightening soap gets rid of all sorts of dark spots, dark patches, brown spots, and pigmentations. Continuous usage of the soap will definitely give you a healthy glowing radiant looking skin. This soap is highly recommended.

This soap smells great and lathers well, this makes it finish fast, so you should minimize your application when using it.

This soap may dry out your skin,(don’t worry, that’s the nature of the soap) we strongly advise you apply a deep moisturizing lotion, to keep your skin well hydrated. If you have a sensitive skin, don’t leave this soap for too long on your face, you may experience a burning sensation.

We advice you wash off a minute after applying the soap on your face. Leaving it for too long may burn your face, remember the skin on your face is too sensitive.


  • Lightens & exfoliates the skin. (Especially tough areas).
  • Deep cleanses skin pores.
  • Gets rid of dark spots.
  • Lathers well.
  • 100% organic


  • May not be suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Lathers richly. Finishes quickly.

3. FAIR and WHITE Savon AHA-2 Soap.


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FAIR& WHITE AHA-2 Soap ensures an exfoliating and brightening double efficiency. It smoothly cleanses and regenerates the skin by micro-exfoliation and helps to brighten your epidermis thanks to its formula enriched with AHA. (Alpha hydroxy acids).

The Lactic Acid safely acts by inhibition of the tyrosinase, it blocks the synthesis of coloured pigments. It ideally prepares your skin for FAIR & WHITE AHA-2 products and gives it suppleness, smoothness and a bright complexion.

This wonderful soap contains
ingredients List: Sodium palmate and Sodium palm kernelate and Aqua (Water) and Glycerin and Sodium chloride and Tetrasodium EDTA and Tetrasodium Etidronate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Methylparaben, CL77891 , Propylparaben, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Hydroxyisohexyl-3-Cyclohexene, Hexyl Cinnamal, Citronellol, Eugenol, Geranoil, CL11680, CL12490.

This soap Lathers richly well, it deep exfoliates the skin you’ll definitely love the feeling when stepping out of shower. It also brightens the skin.


  • Lightens and exfoliates well.
  • Lathers richly well.
  • Smoothens the skin.


  • None

4. ASANTEE Papaya Herbal Soap.

Best Lightening and Exfoliating soaps

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When you talk about pure organic herbal soaps, Asantee Papaya herbal soap is a true definition. This soap contains Papaya extract as one of it’s active ingredient. Papaya being so beneficial to the skin, serves as a good skin exfoliator and lightener.

Asantee Papaya Herbal Lightening soap helps to naturally lighten skin pigmentation by clearing away dead cells using the natural papaya enzyme thus making your skin rejuvenate more efficiently. Coconut oil, honey and vit E & E are added to help protect your skin and leave it soft, subtle and conditioned.

ASANTEE Papaya Soap contains: Q10, AHA, coconut oil Collagen, Papaya, Honey and Vitamin C.

If you’re seeking for a natural organic herbal lightening soap, I guess you’ve found one.


  • Lightens and Exfoliates well.
  • Deep cleanses the skin.
  • Scents nice.
  • 100% organic.


  • May dry out your skin.

5. K-Brothers New Formula Papaya Soap.

Best Exfoliating and Lightening soap - BeautySparkReview.com

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This is another organic herbal skin lightening and exfoliating soap just like asantee herbal soap. K brothers papaya soap has been around for quite a long time, this soap contains Papaya, Vitamin C for skin lightening and exfoliating, it also contains Coconut oil for moisturizing the skin.

K-brothers new formula Papaya soap comes in a bigger size and takes a papaya shape (paw paw).

K-Brothers New Formula Papaya Soap contains pure papaya extract and BHA which properly exfoliates and lightens the skin leaving it supple and smooth. Makes the skin fresh and even-toned.

This papaya cleansing soap, is a natural plant-based for skin lightening and anti-acne agent recognized by science as effective on stressed skin, dark spots, brown spots and all sorts of pigmentation and ensures a smooth younger skin.

This soap may tend to dry out your skin, ensure to apply a moisturizer after usage.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Papaya Extract, Titanium Dioxide, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide Solution, BHA. VIT C.


  • Deep cleanses the skin pores.
  • Exfoliates and lightens
  • Gets rid of pigmentations.
  • 100% organic.


  • May dry out your skin.
  • May not be suitable for sensitive skin.

All the soaps meantioned in this article are 100% organic and herbal, as they contain pure natural ingredients, which won’t have any negative effect on the skin.

In Conclusion.

The soaps mentioned in this article may tend to dry up your skin, due to it’s papaya extract and kojic acid content. We strongly advised you use a good moisturizer after use.

These soaps contains natural skin lightening and exfoliating ingredients, we also strongly advise you should apply a good sunscreen or sun protection lotion before stepping outside to protect your skin from the toxic and harsh rays of the sun.

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