4 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Body Perfume Oils

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Aside from the traditional and alcohol-based perfume we all are familiar with, body perfume oils are gradually taking over in the world of fragrance and massively gaining people’s attention.


People don’t only love them because of their sweet lovely scent, but for the fact that they linger for a long time.

So, if you’re new to the word “body perfume oil“, then congratulations, you’ve unlocked a new knowledge because after you must have gone through this article, you will realise the need why you should try out a body perfume oil today.

What Are Body Perfume Oils?

body perfume oils

Body perfume oils are typically used on the skin or clothes to smell nice and good. They act as a substitute for traditional scents and alcohol-based perfumes. Due to their high concentration of their fragrance, they mask body odor and help one smell nice without having a large personal fragrant status, they offer a stronger, organic fragrance compared to perfumes containing alcohol.

Below are 4 reasons why you should start using body perfume oils. 

1. Their Fragrance Lingers For A Long Time. 

Body perfume oils are so potent and concentrated that their fragrance lasts for a long time when applied, even after having a long day you will still smell like you freshly applied them, and why’s that? It’s because of their oil-format, which sticks to the skin or clothes and will not evaporate like alcohol-based perfumes does, – this will ensure that your fragrance doesn’t wear off after a long day.

2. They Last For Months.

Due to the high concentration of their fragrance, body perfume oils last for a longtime, regardless of their small quantity, you don’t really need to apply too much because a little goes a long way to keep you smelling nice and fresh all day.

This is one of the reasons that have drawn people’s attention to body perfume oils, its potential lies on two balances which are: smells for a long time, and also last for months.

3. They’re Multi-purpose.

They make good air fresheners.

Not only do body perfume oils help conceal body odour and make you smell like a rose garden, they can also make good air fresheners.

If you don’t like the scent of your environment or space, and you don’t have an air freshener handy, your body perfume oil can serve the purpose, – all you have to do is, mix your perfume oil with water. Leave this out in a bowl or decorative vase/dish, this will release a desired, natural smell that feels like home.

The best proportions for a subtle yet lasting air freshener are a quarter of a teaspoon of perfume oil in a glass of water.

They make your clothes smell good.

Not only do body perfume oils make good air fresheners, they can as well make your fabric clothes smell aromatic. Instead of only applying them to your skin, you can as well apply them to the prominent areas of your cloth, like: under the armpit, collar, and every other place you wish to apply them on. This is a good way to make your fragrance last even longer.

In addition, you can as well apply your body perfume oils to your other household fabrics such as: home-curtains, hand towels, rugs, socks, and even artificial flowers displayed in your home.

They make your car smell yummy.

You can as well use your body perfume oil to control the scent of your car.

Does your car emit annoying scent which your car air freshener fails to mask? Then give perfume oil a chance, try applying the perfume oil to a large cotton ball and placing it under your car seat. This will mask the annoying odour coming from your car.

They help mask the odour of smelly shoes.

The odour coming from smelly shoes is unpleasant and intolerable. If your shoes smell really bad after being worn for the day, take it outside and add 3-5 drops of your body perfume oil (you can add more if you like), if you use a roll-on body perfume oil, roll it sufficiently inside the smelly shoes, this will take care of the annoying odour while you let your shoes fully dry before bringing them inside.

4. They Have Longer Shelf Life. 

Body perfume oils don’t contain alcohol (they’re alcohol-free), creating a lasting shelf life, whereas perfume spray has a shorter lifespan due to the evaporation of its alcohol content, this means that body perfume oils are more sustainable as they’ll last longer on the shelf unlike alcohol-based perfumes.

In Conclusion.

As previously stated, after reading this article, you will realise why body perfume oils are the next big thing in the world of fragrances and these should be a good reason why you should own one. Click here to shop for body perfume oils.

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