Best Ways To Apply Perfume Oils Like A Pro (With Pictures)

Apply perfume oil
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Perfume oils are the next big thing when it comes to the world of fragrance, as they have drawn people’s attention due to their magnificent potential.


Not only do they smell aromatic, but also last longer even after having a long day, not to mention their outstanding shelf-life span which happens as a result of not containing alcohol, therefore, they won’t evaporate like alcohol-based perfumes do.

So, if you’re not using a perfume oil already, then you’re greatly missing out. But If you are, I hope you’re enjoying that aromatic and long-lasting fragrance? I bet you do.

If you’re seeking to know the best ways to apply perfume oils like a pro, then you’ve hit the right page. Perfume oils are easy-to-use, no complications attached, however, to get the most out of them, you need to apply them on the best areas of your body to smell nice and good, and that’s exactly what this article is all about.

As a longtime perfume oil user, I have composed a guide on the best approach to apply your perfume oils in order to get the most out of your fragrance by still smelling fresh and good even after having a long stressful day.

Where Are The Best Places To Apply Perfume Oils?

The best places to apply your perfume oil and get the most out of it is on your pulse point areas such as: your neck, wrists, backs of knees, inner elbow, inside your belly button and behind your ears. Pulse points emit more heat than other parts of your body. And that heat actually activates and maximizes your perfume oil. Same also goes to alcohol-based perfumes too.

How To Apply Perfume Oils Like Pros Do. 

1. Apply Your Perfume Oil After Showering.

Apply perfume oil

Who applies perfume on dirty skin? Ewwwww, that’s disgusting. Before you apply your perfume oil, ensure you’ve taken your shower, and dry off with a clean towel. Having fresh, clean skin will help your perfume stick to you and last longer.

If your skin is sweaty or sticky in any way, it’ll be harder for the perfume oil to adhere properly.

2. Apply An Unscented Moisturizer Onto Your Skin Before Applying Perfume Oil.

Apply perfume oil

This technique will make your perfume oil last two times longer.

Pick out your favourite unscented moisturizer and squeeze a small amount of it into your hand. Rub the moisturizer into your wrists, elbows, or other areas where you’re going to apply the perfume oil. Let the moisturizer dry before you add the perfume.

3. Apply Your Perfume Oil To Your Pulse Points.

Applying your perfume oil to your pulse points is a perfect way to maximize its effect. Your pulse points are: your neck, wrists, backs of knees, inner elbow, inside your belly button and behind your ears.

As aforementioned, pulse points emit more heat than other parts of your body. And that heat actually activates and maximizes your perfume oil. This will give you the most out of your fragrance.

Therefore, adopting this technique will go a long way to make you smell good all day. Ensure to apply a little amount on these areas as you don’t need to apply too much, – a little goes a long way. A dab or a drop or two is definitely ok.

Below are illustrative pictures to demonstrate how to apply perfume oils to your pulse points:

Apply at the base of your throat. 

Apply perfume oil

Dab or apply one or two drops at the base of your throat area. This is a very popular area to apply your perfume oil, this will ensure your fragrance gracefully emits towards your face all day.

Apply on your wrists.

Apply perfume oil

Apply your perfume oil on both of your wrists. Avoid rubbing your wrists together after you apply the perfume oil because it can ruin the fragrance.

Apply inside your inner elbow.

Apply perfume oil

Your inner elbow is one of your pulse points that shouldn’t be neglected. Apply the perfume oil you’re using on both inner elbow areas.

Apply on the back of your knees. 

Apply perfume oil

Extend your fragrance to your lower body by applying your perfume oil into the crook of your legs, right behind your kneecap. This adds a little fragrance to the lower portion of your body.

Apply on the back of your ears.

Apply perfume oil

Dab or apply a drop or two of your perfume oil on the back of your ears, you can choose to apply it either near the top of it or at the bottom of your earlobe.
Ensure to apply it to the other ear too. Also ensure not to apply too much so the scent isn’t overpowering, because your ears are so close to your face and nose, you’ll be more sensitive to the smell if you add too much perfume.

Apply in your belly button.

Apply perfume oil

The belly button is a great pulse point to apply your perfume oil because It’s like a coop for the perfume to nest and project itself. The belly button radiates a lot of heat, which is perfect for the fragrance to dissipate better. Therefore applying your perfume oil in your belly button is a way to go.

4. Use The Right Amount.

Perfume oils are very concentrated, that’s why they mostly come in a smaller size. You don’t need to apply way too much to get the most out of your perfume, all you need is just one or two drops or dabs.

Due to their high concentration of fragrance, a little goes a long way, as applying too much of it is just wasting the product, which could also cause irritation to the skin due to overexposure of the concentrated perfume content.

In Conclusion.

Knowing the best ways to apply perfume oils is a direct approach to maximize its effect, therefore you’re advised to follow the guidelines above while applying your perfume oil and watch it keep you smelling aromatic throughout the day.

Pro Tip.

Do not rub your perfume oil to get it absorbed into your skin, rather pat instead.

Rubbing your perfume oil into your skin disturbs or ruins the fragrance and therefore makes it not last long. But gently patting it into your skin not only encourages the absorption of the perfume oil, but also maintains the integrity of the fragrance.

Possible Questions & Answers.

Q: Can I apply perfume oil on my armpits?

A: Perfume oils are not designed to be used as a deodorant, therefore applying perfume oils onto your armpits poses risks of potential cause of irritation. The armpits are sensitive areas, therefore the interaction between your perfume oil and your armpits’ sweat glands could result in itching and burning. Apply deodorants and antiperspirants instead.

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