Dudu Osun Black Soap Review (One Of The Best African Black Soap)

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Dudu osun black soap has been the No 1 trending black soap with raving reviews on the internet, which triggered me to get this soap and give it a try. Alot of people has testified to the goodness of this soap, which one of its best testimonies is about getting rid of acne, rashes and bumps.


About Dude Osun Black Soap.

Dude Osun Black Soap

Dudu Osun Black Soap is derived from natural ingredients and is formulated with love of nature. Osun is also known as ‘Camwood’ which is the main ingredient of this soap and this is where the name ‘Osun’ came into existence.

Alittle History About Black Soap.

African soap or african black soap originated from West Africa, they are made from harvested African plants such as, Cocoa pods, plantain and palm tree leaves. This ingredients are locally harvested, dried under the sun or roasted before they are been used in making the soap, which gives the soap it’s usual black colour. Other ingredients like lemon, and lime juice, red oil, and sheabutter are also added.

My Experience With Dude Osun Black Soap
(My Review)

Dude Osun Black Soap

I purchased this soap, just to give it a trial and see how it goes, and to my greatest suprise this soap really did a nice job on my skin.

Deeply Exfoliates & Cleanses The Skin.

Dudu Osun Black Soap

Dudo osun black soap deeply exfoliated my skin, (I have an oily skin, my skin pores are large), dudo osun black soap, deep cleansed my skin and shrinked my large pores. Infact you’ll see a significant difference in your overall skin texture after first use. (Crazy right ?).

Gets Rid Of Acne

Like I meantion earlier 80% of dudu osun testimonies is about getting rid of acne, rashes and bumps. This soap did just that on my acne, infact it really delt with my acne by drying them off after 3 times of usage, it also got rid of blackheads on my nose and cheek area.

Evens Out The Skintone.

Talking about my skin tone? Dudu osun black soap, evened out my skin tone, (the difference was clear), this is the least I expected from this soap, honestly I never knew this soap could brigten the skin, untill I went through the ingredients list again and discovered it contains lemon and lime juice which are known to contain natural skin lightening ingredients such as vitamin C and AHA’s. (Alpha Hydroxy Acids).

Great Make-up Remover

Dudu osun black soap worked great in wiping away my make-up. Isn’t it amazing?
Since dudu osun deeply exfoliates and cleanses the skin, I figured out it could be a good make-up remover, and when I tried it, behold, dudu osun black soap stripped off all the makeup off my face with a deep pore cleansing.

How did I use it to remove my make-up?

I wet my face with water and rub the soap on your face. Wash it off after some minutes, and my face was make-up free in a matter of some minutes.

Lathers Richly.

Dudu osun black soap lathers richly and nicely, you just have to rationalize the way you use it, because it lathers really well and that’s also one of the reason why I love it even the more.

Smells Great.

The smell? Hmmm, it smells really organic. Actually, though, raw African black soaps has an unpleasant smell. But in the case of dudu osun black soap, it smell really nice, although it contains fragrance but I’m certainly sure that the fragrance isn’t synthetic. And it contains no artificial colours, preservatives and Bio degradable.

What I Like About Dude Osun Black Soap

  • It deeply Exfoliates and cleanses the skin.
  • It gets rid of acne (pimples) and whiteheads.
  • It evens out the skin tone and brightens the skin.
  • It wipes off make-up.
  • It smells really nice.
  • It lathers richly and nicely.

What I Don’t Like About Dudu Osun Black Soap.

It Dries Out and Tightens The skin.

Although this soap contains honey and aleo vera which are known to nourishe and hydrates the skin, but still this soap dries out and tightens the skin, but I figured out that applying a moisturizer after using this soap will counter the effect and balance your skin pH level.

But for the fact it really dries out and tightens the skin, makes it one of the Cons of this soap. So my advice especially to individuals with extreme dry and senstive skin is to apply a moisturizer immediately after using this soap. This will retain the moisture in your skin and keep your skin hydrated. You can read our review on best facial moisturizers and moisturizing lotions.

Stains The Bathroom.

Because of the soap colour, it may stain your bathroom after use, well this isn’t really a problem for me. But i figured it may be a problem to others. But not to worry, it will definitely wash away after bathing. Just ensure you rinse off your bathroom.

What’s dudu osun black soap full ingredients List?

Dudu Osun Black Soap

Ingredients: Palm Kernel oil, Cocoa pod ash, palm bunch ash, Shea butter, water, Pure Honey, Lime juice, Osun (camwood), Aleo Vera, Lemon juice, Fragrance.

Caution: The market is flooded with fake dude osun black soap. It could be very difficult to distinguish between the real and fake one. But not to worry, we’re here to help.

How To know The Original Dude Osun Black Soap

Dudu Osun Black Soap
Dudu osun black soap original pack

The Original Dude Osun soap comes with a “scratch Pin Card” Attached to the Pack.
(You scratch the card and send pin to 38353 to comfirm it’s authenticity)
Note: SMS is free.

On the packaging of the soap is the word “Tropical”. The “i” in “Tropical” is dotted with a leaf in the original Dudu Osun soap.

The packaging of the original Dudu Osun soap has a leaf-shaped cut out that is transparent.

The “o” in the word “tropical” is an orange sun with a palm tree symbol within it.

Where Can I Buy Dudu Osun Black Soap?

You can buy on Amazon


The Dudu Osun brand has changed their product packaging, but the ingredients list still remains untouched. Therefore, the potency of the product still remains the same.

Dudu osun black soap review
The New Dudu Osun Pack

Possible Questions And Answers

Q: Will I experience some flaking or peeling while using dudu osun black soap?

A: You may experience some peeling effect. But that’s the soap doing it’s just (deeply exfoliating), because It contains lemon and lime juice. You have to apply a moisturizer. It’s important.

Q: Do i need to use sunscreen while using dudu osun black soap?.

A: Sunscreens protects your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun. So, I see no reason why you shouldn’t apply a sunscreen before stepping outside.

Q: How Often should I use this soap?

A: You can use it twice daily (morning and night). Then apply a moisturizer each time after use.

Q: I have a super sensitive skin, can I use this soap on my face?

A: I myself also have a senstive and oily skin, at first the soap was alittle harsh with a slight tingling, but as I continued using it, this feelings stopped (my face got used to it). I believe it’s all about building tolerance. If you have a sensitive skin, this soap can still be suitable for you, all you have to do, is use a moisturizer after using the soap. But if you should try the soap and find it too aggressive for your skin type, you should back off and stop use.

Q: Can dudu osun black soap gets rid of razors burns and bumps from shaving?

A: According to some testimonies regrading this soap. Some users says it cleared their nasty bumps and razor burns as a result of incorrect shaving technique. Though I never had any of that, but I believe it will work effectively in getting rid of razors burns and bumps.

Q: Does dudu osun black soap darkens the skin?

A: I never experienced any pigmentation or darkening of skintone while using this soap. So, I don’t think it darkens the skin.

Q: I have a super dry skin, can i use this soap?

A: Well, this soap really dries out the skin, so, I suggest it may not be suitable for individuals with dry skin. But if you should apply a deep facial moisturizer or moisturizing lotion, this will definitely counter the effect.

Q: Where is dudu osun black soap manufactured?

A: Dudu Osun Black Soap is made in Nigeria.

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