Simple Steps To Correctly Line Up Your Beard & Mustache (With Pictures)

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Lining up your beard is one way to make it appear neat and well groomed. But the sad thing is, some individuals don’t know how to perfectly line up their beard. While some ignorantly do it incorrectly.


For example: Lining up a beard cheek-line deep below the actual natural line. Just like you see in the picture below:

Line up your beard
Picture credit:

Or lining up the beard neckline too high, thereby exposing underneath the jaw which gives a terrible look from the side view, exposing the neck fat, and making it look as if you have a double chin. Just like you see in the picture below.

Line up your beard
Picture credit: Reddit.

Want to line up your beard perfectly like a pro?

Then that’s what this articulated-guide is all about. Therefore, if you’re on this page, congratulations because you will be well informed and sensitized on the proper way to line up your beard to look like a real man. Let’s kick right into it.

Step 1: Assemble Your Tools. 

It could be a beard trimmer or a straight razor.

Beard trimmers give you a convenient grip while using them, they’re much easier to handle while trimming a beard, it doesn’t require much skill, therefore as a newbie (or a beginner) you can handle a beard trimmer while lining up your beard.

While on the other hand, a straight razor demands skill or expertise to properly handle it while lining up your beard. Therefore, lining up a beard with a straight razor won’t be suitable for newbies or beginners. If you’re a newbie, you are advised not to line your beard with a straight razor, because you may end up messing up your beard. Shop for beard trimmers.

Skilled enough to use a straight razor? – shop for straight razors.

Step 2: Prep Your Beard.

Prior to lining up your beard, you have to prepare your beard for the line up process. And this preparation process involves washing and combing or brushing your beard.

Wash Your Beard. 

Using a good beard shampoo, wash your beard to get rid of excess sebum (oil) produced by the skin beneath the beard. Sebum is an oily, waxy substance produced by your body’s sebaceous glands.

This will enable the beard trimmer to cut through the beard effortlessly with ease to enable an efficient and effective beard line up experience.

Comb Or Brush Your Beard.

If your beard is voluminous in size, then you should use a fine-toothed comb to comb it in its direction, but if your beard isn’t voluminous in size, (probably a short beard), then brushing it, using a good boar bristle beard brush is best suitable.

Combing or brushing your beard helps reveal your beard’s true length, so you won’t trim off way too much of it while lining up your beard.

Step 3: Start Lining Up Your Beard.

Line Up Your Cheek Line.

As a newbie, lining up your beard cheek line can be challenging, but there is a route to go about it.

Draw an imaginary line on your beard cheek line, using anything that can draw an erasable line on the skin. The imaginary line will serve as a guide to create the perfect cheek line for your beard without messing things up.

After drawing the line, using your beard trimmer or straight razor, follow the line drawn to shave off the hairs above the line, This will create a perfect beard line.

While creating your beard line, aim for the beard natural line, ensure your beard line is as high as possible, this will make it look natural.

The perfect beard line should be a little bit below the cheekbone, lining down to the corners of your mouth. Just like you see in the picture below:

Line up your beard
Picture credit: Reddit.

After lining up your beard cheek line, repeat the same process to your other cheek. Always do one cheek first before the other.

Line Up Your Sideburns (Or Beard-Backline).

Before lining up your sideburns, you have to virtualize them first. Then using a beard comb or brush, comb or brush your sideburns backwards, so as to reveal their true shape, then using your beard trimmer, line up your sideburns, while you maintain the hair natural line.

The hair shouldn’t be too far from the ear lob, and shouldn’t also be too close to the ear lob either. Keep it moderate, just like you see in the picture below:

Line up your beard
Picture credit: Reddit.

Line up your sideburns one after the other. When you’re done with the first side, repeat the same process to the other sideburn as well.

Line Up Your Neckline.

Before lining up your neckline, follow the two (2) fingers rule: place two fingers above your Adam’s-apple, and shave every hair below your two fingers. This will create the perfect neckline while also making it look as natural as possible.

Just as seen in the picture below:

Line up your beard
The two (2) fingers rule, placed above the Adam’s apple.
Line Up Your Beard
A perfectly created neckline. Picture credit: Reddit.

Then follow the neckline created to connect with your sideburns.

Just as seen in the picture below:

Line Up Your Beard
Picture credit: Reddit.

Shape Up Your Mustache.

While you line up your beard, your mustache needs some love too, to stay well groomed and clean. Following your mustache’s natural line, take off the excess hairs overgrowing their boundaries. This will make your mustache appear well groomed and not unruly.

Line up your beard (and mustache too)
Picture credit: Reddit.

Also Line Up Your Lip Line.

Having hairs hanging over your lip line makes your mustache appear nasty and unruly.

A well trimmed mustache requires all hairs shouldn’t exceed the lip line, therefore it’s required of you to neatly line up your lip line, following your natural lip line (don’t go too high). This will make your mustache appear neat, while also maintaining its natural look.

Line up Your beard (and mustache too)
Picture credit: Reddit.

Disclaimer: If after going through all the beard-line up steps and you still feel you can’t line up your beard yourself (probably you’re scared that you’re going to mess up your beard). Then you can locate a good and professional barber to help you line up your beard, using the proper beard line up approach. All you have to do is inform him on exactly what you want.

In Conclusion.

Properly lining up a beard is an art that many individuals don’t know how to perform. That’s why this article was created, to guide juveniles on the best approach to correctly line up their beards like real men do.

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