Minoxidil For Beard & Hair Growth – I Used Minoxidil To Grow My Beard From Nothing (And Hair Corners Too)

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Can’t grow a beard? You take a look at your face in the mirror and you keep wondering if you are ever going to grow a beard? Does it really bother you how smooth your face is without a strand of hair? Well, I was once in your shoes and believe me, it was really worrisome.


Until I decided to take the bold step, by striving to acquire my dream beard, and you know what? It all worked out as planned. But mehn, dedication, consistency and patience really played a role towards my beard journey. Therefore if you were once like me, who desired to grow a beard, I want you to know that there’s hope. And that’s exactly what this content (minoxidil for beard growth) is all about.

But before I walk you through my beard journey, I want you to gain insightful information on what minoxidil really is, and how it works to promote hair and beard growth. But before we head into that, i want to let you know that not having a beard doesn’t in any way make you less of a man, a beard is just one of the assets that attributes a man, but doesn’t make you unmanly if you don’t have them, so don’t be hard on yourself for not having beards, for it’s just a manly-feature and not a yardstick to measure manliness.

Now moving down to what the topic is all about

What Is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a synthetic drug, first introduced in the 1970s as an oral medication for the treatment of hypertension or high blood pressure. [1] It is an antihypertensive vasodilator, sold under the brand name Rogaine amongst others. However as luck would have it, in the early 70s, two clinical studies, [2, 3] proved minoxidil’s efficacy on hair growth promotion, which led to the FDA approval as a hair loss treatment In August 1988, and on February 12, 1996, the FDA approved both the over-the-counter sale of the medication and the production of generic formulations of minoxidil. [4]

Till date, minoxidil remains the only FDA approved medication for treatment of androgenetic alopecia (better known as male or female pattern baldness). [5, 6]

How Does Minoxidil Work To Promote Hair Growth?

The science behind minoxidil for hair growth is something that scientists can’t really pinpoint. However, it is best explained that when taken orally, minoxidil widens small arteries to increase blood flow which stimulates hair growth [7] and when applied topically, it stimulates hair growth by causing increased blood flow to the hair by expanding the blood vessels in the scalp and promotes oxygen, blood, and nutrient flow to the hair follicles, making the follicle stronger which in turn encourages hair growth.

By increasing healthy blood flow and strengthening hair follicles, minoxidil shortens the telogen (resting) phase of your hair growth cycle and moves your hairs into the anagen (active growth) phase. [8]

To further explain this, the hair goes through several phases as it grows, which is referred to as the hair growth cycle or hair growing process. And these phases are categorized into different stages — the anagen, catagen, and telogen phase. [9]

  • The anagen phase is known as the “growth stage.” The longer the hair stays in this phase, the more new hair fibers are created.
  • The catagen phase is known as the “progression phase.” In other words, when the baby hairs that are not yet permanent get pushed out to make way for stronger and more dense hair. These baby hairs are known as “vellus hair,” and the permanent hair that replaces them is known as “terminal hair.”
  • The telogen phase is known as the “resting phase.” During this phase, the hair follicle is completely at rest and the club hair is completely formed. About 10-15% of all hair is in this phase. [10]

How To Use Minoxidil For Beard And Hair Growth.

To promote hair growth or achieve that glorious and magnificent beard, you need to follow the right application of minoxidil. Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1: Cleanse Your Face Or Scalp.

Cleanse your face with a gentle pH balanced cleanser if you want to apply minoxidil on the beard area. If you want to apply minoxidil on the scalp area, cleanse your scalp area using a gentle hair shampoo.

The reason for this is because, going for a hydrating pH balanced cleanser or gentle-soothing hair shampoo helps minimizes chances of irritation as it won’t overly strip the skin of its moisture barrier (unlike generic bar soaps or cleansers), as minoxidil contains alcohol, which can likely irritate the skin further when the skin is already stripped of its moisture-barrier as a result of using harsh cleansers. Recommended, CeraVe Foaming Cleanser. For shampoo, check out our best picks on moisturizing hair shampoos.

Step 2: Apply 1ML Amount. 

As instructed by the brand, apply 1 mL of liquid minoxidil to the beard area. If you wish to treat your scalp area too, apply the same 1mL measurement to your scalp area.

Luckily, there is a meniscus line on the dropper dispenser to help you apply the right amount.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair
Zoom image for a better view

Some people like to apply minoxidil using the dropper, others simply use their fingers to spread it across the face. Either way is fine. Just make sure you’re using 1 milliliter (mL). But I best recommend to apply with your fingers as using the dropper as mode of application, while making direct contact to your face will definitely expose the dropper to bacteria and when stick back into the product container could cause bacteria growth which may breed bacteria and contaminate product.

If you’re using minoxidil foam, use half a capful for the whole beard or scalp area.

Step 3: Wash Off After Four (4) Hours Or Rinse Your Face Or Scalp.

That is the recommended time to allow minoxidil fully get absorbed into the skin or scalp before washing it off.

Washing off minoxidil after four (4) hours is totally dependable as I personally leave mine on overnight. But if you’re concerned about minoxidil drying out your skin, (which I counteract with a moisturizer after minoxidil is fully absorbed) you can wash off after four (4) hours of application.

Step 4: Apply A Moisturizer Afterwards.

Applying a moisturizer on your face or moisturizing hair cream on your scalp after minoxidil application is a must, to counteract dryness associated with minoxidil. You wouldn’t like your skin or scalp looking all dry, itchy and flaky, right?. Then moisturizing will help prevent that.

If you prefer not to wash off minoxidil after application, then allow it to fully absorb into the skin before applying your moisturizer to counteract dryness. But if you prefer to wash off minoxidil after application, ensure to leave minoxidil on for four (4) hours — this is the best recommended time to leave minoxidil on the skin before washing it off. Then you can apply your moisturizer afterwards to keep skin moisturized.

I recommend Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream or Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser or The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA.

Minoxidil Side Effects.

Like most medications, minoxidil has its own side effects. It all utterly depends on individual differences and skin type. Some people may not experience side effects at all, while some may experience mild side effects, while in some cases some experience chronic side effects, if you’re in this category kindly DISCONTINUE treatment and see a doctor as soon as possible.

Minoxidil side effects includes:

  • Dizziness.
  • Lightheadedness.
  • Sore throat.
  • Headaches.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Sleep disturbances (trouble sleeping).
  • Cough with foamy mucus.
  • Bloating (water retention).
  • Hair growth on areas you don’t want them.
  • Development of acne on the applied skin area.
    inflammation around the hair roots.

And if used excessively, minoxidil may cause side effects like:

  • Flushing of the face.
  • Heart palpitations (fast or pounding heartbeats).
  • Chest pains (extending to your jaw or shoulder).
  • Swelling in your legs, ankles, or feet.
  • Severe headaches and even fainting.
  • Shortness of breath (especially while lying down) Accompanied with wheezing and gasping for breath.

Kirkland 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair


Kirkland is a Israeli brand, distributed by the USA. It contains 5% minoxidil solution to help stimulate hair and beard growth.

Other inactive ingredients, used in the formulation of this product will be briefly explained below:

  • Alcohol: Alcohol can be a useful addition to help ingredients penetrate the skin, preserve the product, and make it feel lightweight when applied. In smaller amounts, it’s unlikely to be harmful, but be especially careful if you have sensitive, dry, or eczema-prone skin.
  • Propylene glycol: Propylene glycol is a clear, synthetic liquid with hydrating and smoothing properties. It helps moisturize the skin by attracting more water to the skin and locks in moisture to fight dryness and improve texture.


Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair

Kirkland 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution comes in a plastic white container, with a tightly sealed lid to protect liquid content from spilling.


Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair

Kirkland topical liquid 5% minoxidil has a lightweight texture, and can slightly tingle the skin (due to its alcoholic content), but readily absorbs into the skin. All you have to do is gently apply it on desired areas, while you allow it to absorb fully.


Kirkland 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution comes in a 60ml size.


Active: 5% Minoxidil

Inactive: Alcohol, Propylene glycol, water. Learn how to read skincare ingredients list label.

Minoxidil For Beard Growth.

Now moving over to the fun part on how I used minoxidil to grow my beard from nothing.

Having a goatee fully grown before starting minoxidil treatment signifies I have beard genetics, which definitely means, beards run in our family lineage, but not much though, because my dad doesn’t really have much on him, although he does shave regularly. But the truth is, if you don’t have beard genes, I’m sorry minoxidil has little to do for you.

Still wondering if minoxidil really works to stimulate beard growth? Well, according to a research study, 48 men, between the ages of 20 to 60 were told to either apply a placebo or 3% minoxidil cream for beard growth twice daily for 16 weeks (four months). By the end of the study the minoxidil group saw statistically significant results, and patients were reportedly very satisfied with their progress. The side effects were super mild and weren’t considered statistically different from the group that did not apply minoxidil.

That’s pretty convincing right?

To make matters more fun, there are quite interesting before and after Reddit reviews on minoxidil’s efficacy on eyebrow hypotrichosis (thin or receding eyebrows). So ladies, if you’re reading this — yes, you can use minoxidil to grow killer looking brows!. But not to be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding as medication may pose minimal risk to infants.

Although minoxidil is not approved by the FDA for application to the face. It is only FDA approved for application on the scalp. However, that hasn’t stopped hundreds of thousands of men around the world from using it to grow some magnificent looking beards.

My Beard Journey With Minoxidil 5% Concentration.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair

I used the Kirkland 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution for five (5) months, on once daily application, at night time, to stimulate hair growth on my cheeks. You can as well use twice daily (morning and night), but I decided to use once daily (at night) due to the fact I have a sensitive skin and I fear that the alcohol content in the Kirkland 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution will extremely dry out my skin if I should use twice daily. But I also moisturized after minoxidil was absorbed to counteract the drying effect, and you should do the same too.

As aforementioned, I wholeheartedly recommend Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream or Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser or The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA. These moisturizers have been individually tested and reviewed by me.

Before I started this beard treatment application, I already had grown out my goatee, without using minoxidil. But not having beards on my cheeks really saddened me. I’ve been patient enough to let it grow out on its own, but it seems I will have to wait forever. Therefore in quest to achieve my ambition, I decided to start minoxidil application on both side cheeks to see how things goes.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair, before and after
My Goatee

In conjunction with minoxidil treatment, I also used a 0.5mm derma roller to amplify the progress, as derma roller not only help create micro channels on the skin that enables minoxidil penetrate better, but also stimulate collagen and healthy blood circulation on applied skin area which encourages hair growth. This research study authenticates it.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair


I also didn’t apply minoxidil immediately after derma rolling, this is because it’s best advised to apply your minoxidil a day or 24 hours after derma rolling to avoid increase in minoxidil’s absorption into the bloodstream and possible skin irritation, because when the skin is been micro-needled with a derma roller, it becomes sensitive and red, and applying minoxidil immediately after derma rolling treatment won’t only sting your skin, but may also increase sustaining irritation and more side effects.

Therefore apply minoxidil 24 hours after micro-needling treatment to allow skin to heal before applying minoxidil and to reduce the chances of side effects. Always make sure you properly sterilize your derma roller with isopropyl alcohol before and after use.

It’s best recommended to use the 0.5 – 0.1mm derma roller size, as the micro needles aren’t so long, which makes it ideal for at-home use on the scalp and face to grow hair and beard.

Now, let me walk you down my beard journey with my progressive pictures. But in order not to bore you with a long post, I took pictures of my progressive beard journey on two (2) weeks intervals, to keep the review short and sweet.

First Week Of Usage.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair, before and after
Zoom image for a better view.

As aforementioned, I started minoxidil with no beard on both cheeks of my face. But just my goatee, which I naturally grew, before commencing minoxidil treatment.

In the first (1st) week of minoxidil usage, I saw no actual effect, as both cheek areas remained empty. Although I knew that result won’t show up pretty fast enough, so I keep applying the treatment regardless.

Third Week Of Usage.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair
Zoom image for a better view.

At the third (3rd) week of minoxidil treatment, this was when I started seeing some gain of hairs sprouting out. Honestly it was a joy-giving moment. Seeing that I can actually grow a beard like my fellow dudes. This gave me the motivation to keep applying the treatment and being consistent about it.

Also, hairs started growing out under my jaw and neck area too. Although, the gains weren’t that visible to the eyes, unless you take a closer look.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair
Zoom image for a better view.

Fifth Week Of Usage.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair
Zoom image for a better view. Sorry for the difference in camera lightening, which led to difference in skin tone.

Sorry for the difference in camera lightening, which led to difference in skin tone.With consistency and dedication in minoxidil application, my fifth (5th) week result was something to be happy about. As you can see from the image, the hairs are longer, and visible to the eye.

Seventh Week Of Usage.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair
Zoom image for a better view. Sorry for the difference in camera lightening, which led to difference in skin tone.

In the seventh (7th) week, my hair gains became longer, visible to the eyes, and gained thickness. Which made them look way darker than they were before.

Ninth Week Of Usage.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair
Zoom image for a better view.

In the ninth (9th) week of minoxidil application, the difference became more conspicuous, as hair kept growing out, which kept me motivated.

Eleventh Week Of Usage.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair
Zoom image for a better view.

In the eleventh (11th) week, my cheeks were covered with beards. No more scantiness. As you can see in the picture above, the beard took a good formation by filling in all the empty skin areas. This led to a huge boost of motivation, thus making me stay consistent with the treatment.

Thirteenth Week Of Usage.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair
Zoom image for a better view

In the thirteenth (13th) week of minoxidil application, hairs looked very much visible to the eyes, both far and near, but appeared unruly, which made me appear unkempt. This was where I had the thought to trim it down. Because I couldn’t bear the looks on people’s faces whenever they took a glance at me.

Fifteenth Week Of Usage.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair
Zoom image for a better view.

On week fifteenth (15th), I had to trim down my beard with my electric shaver set at an open-lever down to 0.5mm stubble length.

I trimmed down my beards while on minoxidil treatment because my beards were looking ugly on my face, almost like spider webs are scattered all over my face, making me look unkempt and rough. Also to enable easier contact of minoxidil with my skin for proper absorption (without hairs getting in the way) so as to ensure maximum result.

Because when you don’t trim your hair while using minoxidil treatment, minoxidil won’t get in contact with the skin for proper absorption, grown hair will restrict absorption rate (leading to minoxidil drying on the hairs) which can slow down progress.

Seventeenth Week Of Usage.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair
Zoom image for a better view.

In the seventeenth (17th) week of using minoxidil for beard growth, I switched to the minoxidil foam version. I bought the almighty Rogaine brand.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair


For the sake of explicitness, I thought it’s best to purchase and use the foam version of minoxidil as well, just to experiment the experience between using the liquid and the foam version.

Since switching to minoxidil foam, I applied a measurement of half a capful (the cap that comes with the minoxidil foam) for my whole beard.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair
A half a capful of Rogaine Minoxidil foam

My experience with the minoxidil foam version was way more enjoyable than the liquid version because of the fact that it absorbs way faster than the liquid version and also (unlike the liquid minoxidil), it doesn’t contain alcohol and which can dry out the skin if proper moisturization approach isn’t observed.

Mind you, the liquid version of minoxidil contains alcohol which acts as a vehicle for proper product penetration into the skin and also serves to preserve the formulation and extend the shelf life of the product. While the foam version contains lactic acid (a mild exfoliating alpha hydroxy acid) to help with exfoliation, which in turn encourages minoxidil’s penetration.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair

But regardless, both liquid and foam minoxidil contributed massively to my beard gains. That’s to say, just like the liquid version stimulated my beard growth, when I switched to the foam version (Rogaine) in the seventeenth (17th) week, the beard progress still continued as you can see in the picture above.

That’s to say, regardless of the version of minoxidil used, the result will still be achieved. All you need to do is remain consistent and dedicated while you also play the patience game, very important.

But if you’re on the super-sensitive skin side, and fear that alcohol would irritate your skin, it’s best you go for minoxidil foam instead, to curtail side effects.

Twentieth Week Of Usage.

Disclosure: Although I promised to share my progressive result in two weeks intervals, however, it’s unfortunate I lost the record of the nineteenth week result, so here is the result of the twentieth week of minoxidil treatment.

Minoxidil for beard growth. Before and after
Zoom image for a better view.

And here comes the twentieth week result of minoxidil treatment. Although it isn’t much like you may have expected, but, I’m very much satisfied with the result I’ve accomplished. Therefore, I had to stop using minoxidil at this point. I wasn’t aspiring for a thick beard, But just a little amount to cover my cheeks area, so as to slightly blend with my goatee.

Although from the picture above, this is not as low as it is, as I usually trim it down a little every week. As I don’t want to keep a thick beard.

I will allow my beard to grow naturally on its own without minoxidil. But all thanks to minoxidil for stimulating my beard growth and giving me the privilege to be amongst the bearded dudes.

Minoxidil For Hair Growth.

I used minoxidil to grow out my hair edges too, and guess what? The result was fantastic.

While using minoxidil for beard growth daily, I also extended applying it to my thin hair area on both edges of my hair in order to grow them out to correspond in line with my hair line. As you can see for yourself in pictures below it worked perfectly fine. I also used a derma roller on the treated region too.

Here’s a picture of my scanty hair edges, all pushed-back, and doesn’t fall inline with my hair line, which made my hair front uneven and of course affected my looks.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair
Zoom image for a better view.

Therefore, while I used minoxidil for beard growth, I also extended the kind gesture to my hair edges, while also applying derma rolling treatment.

After 5 months of treatment, minoxidil also did its magic – my hair front (including edges) all grew out, therefore making my hairline look even.

Here’s a frontal view of my hair edges

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair
Zoom image for a better view

How To Use Minoxidil And Derma Roller Together For Beard And Hair Growth.

A derma roller in combination with minoxidil helps facilitate hair growth only when rightly done. So, to put you on the right track below is a guide to properly use minoxidil and derma roller together to promote hair growth in desired regions.

  • Step 1: Disinfect your derma roller for 3-5 minutes by letting it soak in isopropyl alcohol.
  • Step 2: Cleanse the affected part you wish to use this treatment on, using a gentle cleanser. If you want to apply minoxidil treatment on your scalp, cleanse your hair with a gentle soothing shampoo and allow to dry completely.
  • Step 3: Apply a numbing cream, this will help ease the pain by adding a layer between your skin and the needles.
  • Step 4: Begin the derma rolling process by rolling your derma roller over your face or scalp focusing more on hair loss affected areas you want hairs to grow. Pull the skin taut with your free hand, while you roll forwards and backwards over the area to be treated.
  • Step 5: Roll 8-10 times in each direction: vertically, horizontally and diagonally (forwards and back equals two rolls). Apply a bit of pressure to allow the needles to penetrate the skin to their full length. Lift the derma roller slightly after each roll – this will ensure that the needles create new micro-channels in the skin rather than going over the same ones repeatedly. 
  • Step 6: Wash the treated area with water or a gentle cleanser and dry with a clean towel or allow it to air-dry. Then apply a moisturizer to seal in moisture, calm redness and keep the area moisturized.
  • Step 7: Then you can move ahead and apply 1 milliliter (mL) of liquid minoxidil to the beard or scalp area 24 hours after micro-needling or derma rolling. If you wish to use the foam version of minoxidil, apply half capful. 
  • Step 8: Wait till minoxidil fully absorbs, before moisturizing afterwards with a moisturizer. If you want to wash off minoxidil after application, do ensure to leave it on for a minimum of four (4) hours before rinsing it off, and moisturize afterwards. 

How To Apply Minoxidil While On A Skincare Routine.

If you have a skincare routine, and you don’t wish to wash off minoxidil after application, then after applying your skincare topicals and sealing in with a moisturizer, wait till your skin absorbs all previously applied skincare products (about 5-10 minutes or more), before applying minoxidil, then ensure to apply moisturizer again after minoxidil has fully absorbed to prevent skin area where minoxidil was applied for drying out.

But if you wish to wash off minoxidil after application, you have to apply it first on a cleansed dry skin, leave it on for four (4) hours before washing or rinsing it off, then you can commence with your skincare routine afterwards.

As aforementioned, it’s completely alright to apply minoxidil in-between your moisturizing phases (moisturize, apply minoxidil, moisturize again). This is to fully prevent the skin from drying out which is the most common side effect associated with the usage of liquid minoxidil, due to alcohol content contained in it.

Do ensure you only apply a water-based moisturizer, as applying minoxidil in-between your moisturizing phases using an oil-based moisturizer will create an occlusive barrier on the skin which can reduce or prevent minoxidil’s absorption.

But If you’re not a fan of applying minoxidil in-between your moisturizing phases, (moisturize, apply minoxidil, moisturize again), then you can do it this way – after applying your skincare products, allow skin to fully absorb them (5-10 minutes or more), then move ahead to applying the recommended amount of minoxidil (1ML), then wait till minoxidil fully absorbs before applying your moisturizer afterwards.

Or better still apply minoxidil on a well cleansed dry skin, wait for four (4) hours — the recommended time for minoxidil to absorb into the skin — then wash off, and commence the application of your skincare routine.

In Conclusion.

Minoxidil for beard growth isn’t a mystery or myth. It actually works to stimulate hair growth, but it isn’t an overnight thing. You need to be consistent with application and patient enough and definitely, result will be achieved so far you have beard genes and apply minoxidil rightly.

Cats are deficient in the enzyme their body needs to break down this chemical, which is why minoxidil is more toxic to cats than dogs. Minoxidil toxicity causes low blood pressure, pulmonary edema, and heart failure in both dogs and cats, therefore, keep minoxidil contained products out of pets (and children reach) and don’t let them lick your face while minoxidil is applied on your face.

Here is the total number of empty containers of minoxidil I’ve consumed during my five (5) months of minoxidil usage for beard and hair growth.

Minoxidil For Beard, Minoxidil For Hair
My empties of minoxidil topical solution.

Possible Questions & Answers.

Q: Did you experience any side effects while using Kirkland 5% minoxidil?

A: While using the 5% minoxidil topical solution, I experienced MILD side effects such as skin dryness that led to flakiness (more like I was experiencing mild exfoliation effect), few acne on skin area applied, dizziness and feeling a little bit tired (fatigue). These symptoms all faded off after weeks of continuous application, except for the skin dryness which I put in control with a moisturizer.

These symptoms are known side effects of minoxidil, but because they’re mild I didn’t discontinue treatment. If you’re concerned Kirkland 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution would dry out your skin, you can opt for minoxidil’s foam version which is known to be less drying to the skin. Shop for Rogaine minoxidil foam.

However, in regards to differences in skin types and individuals, some may not experience any side effects, while some may experience mild side effects (like I did), but in a case you experience serious side effects, DISCONTINUE usage immediately and see a doctor.

Q: Can I trim or shave my beard while using minoxidil?

A: Trimming or shaving your beard while using minoxidil will not hurt your beard progress or damage hair follicles, rather if not for anything it’s advised to at least trim down your beard while using minoxidil to enable minoxidil get in contact with the skin for better penetration (without being disrupted by hairs) to ensure maximized result.

Therefore, if you feel the need to trim or shave your beard or hair on your scalp while using minoxidil, to keep a clean look, go ahead and proceed. However, it’s best advised to “TRIM” your beard or hair on your scalp rather than shaving them off completely, because vellus hair (immature hair) might take a little longer to grow back when shaved completely.

Therefore to psychologically keep the beard progress up and running, it’s best to trim your  beard or hair on the scalp with an electric trimmer about 3mm stubble length using a clipper guard comb. Trimming your beard or hair on the scalp while using minoxidil won’t only keep hair above the skin (while protecting vellus hairs) but also makes the hair stay the same size, which will create hair uniformity (even hair looks) and not patchy hairs.

Q: What causes hair Loss?

A: Hair loss can be the result of heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions or a normal part of aging. While anyone can experience hair loss, it’s more common in men, – known as baldness. Baldness typically refers to excessive hair loss from your scalp. However, hereditary hair loss with age is the most common cause of baldness.

Q: Will my hair growth stop after discontinuing minoxidil?

A: Minoxidil does not stop hair growth after you discontinue the product, so in order to reach your desired hair goal you must keep using it daily and then you can discontinue once you’re satisfied with hair growth.

Q: Does minoxidil conflict with other medications?

A: If you’re on a prescribed medication, and want to use minoxidil, do well to consult with your doctor on your intended intention. Your doctor will dispense medical guidance whether or not you should use minoxidil while on current medication.

Q: Is minoxidil safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

A: Minoxidil shouldn’t be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding without a doctor’s advice. Although it’s not known whether topical minoxidil will harm an unborn baby or whether it passes into breast milk or if it could harm a nursing baby.

Although in a case study that involves a 28-year-old white pregnant woman who applied minoxidil 2% daily to her scalp because of hair loss, reported significant brain, heart, and vascular malformations of the fetus and pregnancy was interrupted according to a routine ultrasound test. Therefore further research has to be done before allowing minoxidil’s use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Q: Can I use topical minoxidil if I have pre-existing health problems?

A: For safety measures, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has raised concern on serious side effects of minoxidil.

This alerts patients and healthcare professionals about potential harm when using this drug. Ensure to consult your healthcare provider before using minoxidil if you have kidney disease, heart disease, or a pre-existing heart condition. In these cases, using minoxidil may not be the right choice for you.

Q: Can youngsters below 18 use topical minoxidil too?

A: Individuals younger than 18 years old should not use minoxidil products like KirkLand or Rogaine as it is not FDA-approved for people under the age of 18 due to a lack of research. You should only use minoxidil if your doctor tells you it’s okay. Elderly individuals who use minoxidil may experience increased sensitivity to cold temperatures.

Q: Can I apply minoxidil on eczema or psoriasis affected skin areas?

A: Applying minoxidil on eczema or psoriasis affected areas won’t only aggravate existing skin conditions, but also increase minoxidil’s absorption rate which creates room for side effects. So if you have these skin conditions, it’s advised to stay away from topical minoxidil till existing skin ailment is treated.

Q: Can I use more than 1 ML amount of minoxidil?

A: 1 milliliter (ML) is the recommended amount of minoxidil to be applied. Applying more or more often won’t improve results, but rather increases chances of irritation or side effects.

Q: Can I use minoxidil twice daily?

A: Minoxidil can be used twice daily. Infant as recommended by minoxidil brands (Kirkland for example), two times application daily is advised. However if you find that minoxidil dries out your skin you can limit use to once daily.

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