6 Reasons Why Women Age Faster Than Men

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Do you look at your fine lines in the mirror and wonder how your aging process is speeding up? Do you compare yourself with men of the same age and wonder why the years have not been kind to you? Well, guess what! You are not alone. Beauty and fitness experts across the globe suggest that women age faster than men do. Also, experts give scientific reasons why women age faster than men.


Women are mostly found to face more issues related to the decline in beauty and youthful looks than men do. These changes in health and physical appearance as women mature may include fine lines, premature greys, memory impairment etc. The reasons why women age faster than men are related to nutrition, lifestyle, mental and emotional health. That is one of the reasons why women need to learn how to improve mental health and physical fitness as they mature. Given below are 6 major reasons why women are found to tend to age differently than men:

Hormonal Changes As The Body Ages.

Women are bound to face several hormonal changes as they mature. As the female body ages, it leads to hormonal changes such as deficiency of calcium and vitamins. Loss of bone density is also caused due to menopause.

This can cause to weaker joints and bones. These changes make women look and feel much older than their biological age. Apart from the loss of bone mass, hormonal changes result in enlarged ears and nose. These changes also lead to loss of skin elasticity, making women look much older than men.

Loss Of Collagen.

Women tend to undergo greater hormonal changes as they age, compared to men. These changes include a reduction in oestrogen levels. This affects the production of collagen, the vital protein women’s body produces. This collagen is responsible for imparting elasticity in women’s skin. Loss of collagen results in more dryness of skin as compared to aging men. That is why women age faster than menand have more wrinkles and fine lines show up on their face.

The Biological Changes In The 50’s.

As women reach their 50’s, they face drastic biological changes. When women hit the age of 50, that is when menopause takes place. As the female body stops producing ovaries, it brings distinct physical changes in the appearance. As a result of menopause, women age faster than men by losing essential fats.

This makes their skin lose essential oils and become dry and wrinkled. Women also experience thinning of the skin and it begins to sag near the lips and cheekbones.

Why Women Ages Faster Than Men

Thickness Of Skin.

Another reason why women age faster than men has to do with the thickness and elasticity of the skin. As women enter their 50’s, they lose collagen in their body. This leads to greater thinning of skin at that age as compared to men. As a result, a woman’s face appears dull as it does not produce essential oils to maintain elasticity and a youthful glow. Men, on the other hand, have a thicker skin at that age and they mature gracefully. Men have greater levels of testosterone in their 50’s and still look and feel young and sturdy as compared to women.

They have lesser issues of fine lines and drooping skin as compared to women. That is why men do not usually look too old for their age. In fact, it becomes difficult to tell whether a man has actually stepped into his 50’s or not.

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Restricted Lifestyle.

According to researchers, a major reason why women age more rapidly as compared to men is the restricted lifestyle. Environmental and societal factors contribute to the accelerated ageing of women. These may include a lack of adventure and outdoor activities, restricted social mobility plus greater pressure of domestic responsibilities. These may include rigorous cleaning and cooking etc. Additionally, other household chores can adversely affect the physical health of a woman. This might result in dry, aging hands, coarse skin etc.

These responsibilities also include childbearing and rearing. The stress these duties entail can take a toll over a woman’s physical fitness and emotional health at times. Also, limited or zero financial independence is known to be a cause of rapid aging in women.

Hereditary Factors.

Many times, it is not the societal conditioning that leads to rapid aging in women. But, it is heredity that plays a major part in the ageing process of women. Due to hereditary factors, most women tend to lose their youthful looks earlier than most men. Signs of ageing start to show up in most females as they reach their 50’s. Their hair and nails lose their shine.

They also face loss in bone mass and muscle tightness. It is just a natural tendency if a woman has inherited these qualities in her genes. A woman may develop saggy skin, memory impairment, fine lines and dry skin as she matures, solely because it runs in her family.

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